How to stay focused in 2011

Hi. How is your year so far? I’m going more personal and more visible to my readers and there is no better way than to include a little video with an update of what I am up to.

It is 1/1/2011 and I am in Buenos Aires. I am here to take my argentine tango to the next level. Tango has been my passion for about 4 years now. In the video I talk about the importance of focus, if you ever are going to live your dreams.

I talk about making things happen vs waiting for things to happen. I talk about my recent “failure” to achieve one of my goals as a blogger. But of course I don’t believe in failure, only lessons and feedback. One of my goals was to have consistent, average of 20 unique blog visitors/day by the end of the year. I only had 15/day average in december. So it’s not really a failure, anyway.

The most important thing to me is to motivate myself while helping YOU to stay focused on your own goals. I will continue writing my blog in 2011 no matter how many visitors I have, since the blog serves me well in directing my own life and doing things I’ve always wanted to do.

For a while I will not have a “number goal” for visitors and see what’s going to happen. I cherish every visitor to my blog and want to see YOU as a person, not a number.

The exciting part of my Journey is that my Start Late, Achieve Your Goals Anyway ( and live without regrets) ebook is finished and it’s being edited. It should be posted on my blog within a week and it’s going to be a free download. It took me 5 months to write it and make it ready for publishing.

The main idea of the book is that when you are old and look back at your life, you will smile and say to yourself: I had a great life. I created unforgettable experiences… I regret nothing…

Please visit my blog in 2011 to download my free ebook, discuss my posts, learn and be inspired, make comments (positive or negative) or just say hi.

Goal Achieving Lifestyle is not for everybody. It takes guts. It takes work. But the rewards are worth it.



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  1. Hey Rose,
    Thank you. I wish you a wonderful business and blogging experience in 2011. It looks like you are great with people, and that helps.
    Be smart. And learn, learn, learn. Will check yr site as soon as finish this:)

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