How we think

I just did a meditation session and I made an observation. There are two kinds of thoughts that appear in our mind:

1. Random thoughts

The random thoughts just arise in our mind all the time. As far as I’m concerned random thoughts arise out of nowhere. For example try to stop thinking, right now! You can’t, because thinking is like breathing. You can’t just stop it. Well, I know there are some people that can control breathing to a certain degree, but I doubt that anybody can stop thinking.

Some claim that random thoughts arise from our past conditioning, but I’m not sure about it. Some of them probably are.

2. Created thoughts

The second kind of thoughts that happen in our mind are created thoughts. These thoughts don’t just arise in our mind. We, consciously and by choice create them. In other words, we have ability to think, what we want to think, what serves us, what empowers us, not just watch what randomly arises in our mind.

Here is the conclusion:

In my opinion, if you want to have a great life, you have to create and continue creating your thoughts instead of just experiencing your random thoughts. Random thoughts are not always bad either, they can be a great source of creativity. So, watch your random thoughts and use them if they are constructive, let them go if they are destructive. Create new thoughts to give yourself an extra oomph, when you need it.

This simple knowledge followed by practice is the key to designing any life you want.



2 thoughts on “How we think

  1. Inspirational thoughts, And I admit it, an optimal mixed combination of the two thinking methods can allow one to make good decisions and live a successful life, although I’m afraid it isn’t easy at all to find that balance between planning and taking action and intuition.
    Reka recently posted..Fogbeültetés Óbudán a 3. kerületbenMy Profile

  2. Unfortunately, the created thoughts you’ve mentioned above, which are built up from your own experiences and feelings, can really influence your whole life and this way they need to be handled with care. Random thoughts can give you inspiration, but I think that thoughts, which are born in your own grey matter are deeper.
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