How yoga keeps me flexible (Sting does yoga too)

Recently I have been experimenting with yoga.

Mainly the stretching type of yoga. I’ve been doing a San Salutation routine pretty much every morning for the last several weeks. I also like a mind calming effect of yoga, but flexiblity is my main yoga objective.

Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields gives one of the best explanations of why physical training and meditation are crucial in today’s world.

I even have a yoga room with a yoga mat in my place (that helps a lot with consistency).

I like the slowness of yoga and I always end it with meditation. I like how it keeps me it shape, I believe it’s better than lifting weights actually, especially at my age, he, he.

I am a physical therapist by trade, so I know that to be fit we have to do three types of exercise:

1. Cardio

2. Strength

3. Flexibility

For cardio, I jog 3/wk. For strength I lift some weights or my own body weight.

For flexibility I do yoga. Sting does it and looks good, It works for me too.

As a physical therapist I recommend it. Especially if you are getting older (be careful with comments here;).

Do you have a regular flexibility training routine? What’s your experience?

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  1. Here’s the problem: I don’t do cardio. I don’t do strength. I don’t do flexibility. Why? Because I have no discipline. How does a person with no discipline get exercise?

    • I don’t believe you, you seem in pretty good shape. I find it much harder to exercise with 9-5 job due to lack of time and fatigue. But if you have all the time in the world, it is much, much easier.

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