If you don’t have perseverance, you are a slave to those who do

What’s the difference between those who have loads of fun in life and those who just struggle?

It’s the way they use a hammer.

Anybody can use a hammer. But how you use it, makes all the difference.

The way most people go about driving a nail to a board  goes like this. They hit it once or twice and they walk away with a nail driven quarter or half way through.

Some folks will even drive that nail 95% of the way. Then they walk away.

The thing is, the nails in life are often much longer than the one on the picture. You have to keep hitting hundreds or thousands of times to do the job completely.

We’ve been told about value of perseverance. But we haven’t been told that’s all about perseverance. That our entire life is about perseverance. Perseverance is crucial. It is the absolute key to power. It is the key that will unlock any door you want.

Actually I don’t like the word perseverance that much. I like the word criteria. If something requires 1,000 hits and you do only 568, you haven’t met the criteria. You are out.

If something requires 10,000 hits and you only do 9,999. You are out.

But there are some MFs out there, that will keep hitting that nail, until it’s ALL THE WAY in the board.

Listen up my friend.

If you don’t learn how to drive nails all the way trough that board, you will always be a slave to those who have ability to do it.

Now, you know how things really are, without the new-age sugar-coating.


My question to my readers is simple. Are you willing to keep hitting until the nail is in ALL THE WAY? How about 10,000 hits? Are you in?

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12 Comments on If you don’t have perseverance, you are a slave to those who do

  1. They are similar but to me persistence can have a negative meaning while perserverance has a positive one.. same, same, but different. P.S. love the fact that the hammer and nail are now pictured on a IPAD:)

  2. You gotta cross the finish line; if you pull up 10, 5, 1 yard short there are no prizes for ‘almost’.

    Criteria, perseverance you need to willing to go the ‘distance’. Not only in life, but business as well.

    Being a ‘finisher’ leads to a fulfilled life indeed.

    Good to see you Derek; hope your weekend went well.
    Bill Dorman recently posted..I’ve learned too much; my head hurtsMy Profile

    • Hi Bill,
      Thank you for your comment.
      I like how you said: There are no prizes for “almost”.
      It’s like, you want to buy a house. But you are 20 grand short. You’re just not gonna get it. Unless you do some creative stuff, that might put you in that house, you’re just not gonna get it. It’s everything like that. Literally everything.
      It sounds like an obvious thing, but trust me, people cry and complain all the time about stuff they can’t get.
      They just don’t know this simple principle.
      Good to hear from you.
      My weekend was awesome. I hope yours was too.
      Derek Potocki recently posted..Creating vs beingMy Profile

  3. It’s funny you write about this… I was building a flower box the other day and decided to use nails instead of screws. Something about pounding 10,000 times to complete a task makes it even more worth it to me.

    So yes, sometimes the shortcuts are nice, but sometimes doing all the hard work that you know most people won’t do, is inspiration enough.
    David | Almost Bohemian recently posted..Are You a Pinsetter?My Profile

    • Hi David,
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Yeah, sometimes it’s not just a flower box, often it’s Noe’s Ark we have to build, so it takes a lot more pounding.
      By all means, take shortcuts when you can, as long as they do the job.
      But we all know that shortcuts might not work, then just keep moving with “long cuts”.
      As long as you get there.
      PS: Building palaces and cathedrals requires a totally different mindset than building trinkets.
      Thank you again,
      Derek Potocki recently posted..If you don’t have perseverance, you are a slave to those who doMy Profile

  4. I too like that the hammer is pictured on an iPad! Made me smile immediately knowing you. You ever notice when you hammer in nail, it helps to have had practice hammering. Sure hammering is a simple task, but if you don’t do it often you will make many less effective taps. Those who hammer often grab the hammer by the end for the most leverage, hit accurately, and hit hard- driving the nail in with much fewer strikes.

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