Is this my goal or my mama’s?

Let’s get to the core of goal setting. Whether you  already have goals or are in the process of setting your goals you should definitely test them to see if they are the right goals for YOU. After all, you are the one who spends countless hours on achieving them. I advise you to run every goal (or prospective goal) on your list through several tests (to make sure that you are not wasting your time-life is short, remember?)
Importance test:
Is this goal important?

If it’s not important to YOU, forget it. It’s a complete and utterly miserable waste of time.

Size test:
Is this goal BIG? How much impact will achievement of this goal have on my life?
When you clip your nails your life will change but how much impact will this “achievement” really have. Give me a break. Set a BIG GOAL.

Excitement test:
Is this goal exciting?

This is it. If your goal is not exciting, the passion is nowhere near you. Your energy is 0 to 2 on 0 to 10 scale. How could you even think of a goal that is that boring.

Comfort zone test:
Is this goal a walk in the park or super difficult and scares the }#%%^ out of me?

Well, be careful here. If it’s easy, don’t do it. It’s not a goal. You’ll get bored to death.

Aliveness test:
Is this goal going to make me most alive?

Ha! The ultimate test. How will I feel on my journey to this goal. If “like million bucks” is the answer, you’ve got the winner.

Ethics test:
Is this goal ethical, harmless to others?

No comment here. Revisit your Bible, Qur’an or Bhagavad Gita, or listen to the Beatles “All you need is love”, to learn the golden rule.

Source test:
Is this goal truly mine or a popular, socially conditioned idea about how things should be?

This is my favorite. I know people are quick to tell you what you should do and where you should go, just always ask yourself : Is this the right advice for me? Usually running all the above tests will deal with this one appropriately.

Alternatives test:
Are there much better and much more exciting alternatives to this goal?
Be patient grasshopper. Don’t jump to conclusions to quickly. There might be much better and more exciting goals out there than the one you are considering at the moment.

Act: Run these tests through all your goals. Adventure is right around the corner. But you have to create it.

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