Keep learning and practice forever

One of the misconceptions in the exciting field of personal development is  a “quickie solution syndrome”.

If you happen to live in a market economy, you will notice a lot of marketing messages that go like these:

” Buy this course and you will be on your way to…”

” This book will show you how to…”

” This seminar will show you how to take charge of …”

” This plugin will increase your subscribers by…%”

I’m here to tell you, that things don’t work that way.

If you buy a book about “How to start a company” for example, the book will give you  some ideas or even the exact blueprint on the subject. But once you read it, it will take countless hours, days and years of YOU taking action.

It will be the repetitive rituals and never-ending practice. It will be obstacles, long plateaus and occasional wins.

Reading an instructional book is like planting a seed. But you have to water the plant every day, make it a daily ritual.

Self-development is for life. Not for the length of a book or a course.

Keep learning and practice forever. The key to mastery is long hours of practice, not a quickie solution.




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