Knowing without doing is not knowing

Quick lesson today.

We live in a world of people who are full of advice. They know this and that. They will tell you how to make money, how to run relationships and how to get saved. They will tell you how to get 10 000 fans on Facebook. They will tell you how to be happy and how to travel to faraway places. They will tell you how to quit your job and how to start a business.

Most of the time I don’t give a shit about what they say. Especially about, how to get saved and how to get 10 000 fans on Facebook.

Even when they prove to me that they really did what they are teaching me, I will still have my guards up. Because often they did something, but not exactly the way they are teaching.

This brings me to a point. You have to have an internal crap-o-meter.

Proof is not enough. A good proof is when there is an exact cause-effect relationship established. What causes what?

So next time, when someone tells you that you need to smile a lot and that will cause success in your life, investigate their advice little further.

I once tested this advice. I looked like an idiot.

Test everything. Including what I just said.

And be careful with your own advice to people. If you think you know, but don’t do it, you don’t really know.

So, yes you need advice. But you need the best advice you can find. Not just any advice. There is a difference between an “expert” and an expert.

Go For Your Goals.

Derek Potocki

What do you think? How do you deal with “experts” who don’t do but tell you what to do? Comment below:)

19 Comments on Knowing without doing is not knowing

  1. Derek, you dropped this knowledge like it was just an after thought. But this is good. I mean, really good.

    I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I got in an argument with a good friend of mine over how we control or dont control our emotions. I was shocked at how different we both looked at the same situation. Then I realized, I didn’t care if she saw my POV because I didn’t care for hers. So whats the point? Well the point is that nothing matters to me unless it matters specifically to me. Confusing I know…
    David W. recently posted..How to Travel to NowhereMy Profile

    • Hi David,
      Thank you for your comment.
      In terms of emotions, it’s hard to control them sometimes (we are humans;). But we can control their intensity and how long they last, for sure.
      Yes, your last sentence is a bit confusing, but I guess if it matters specifically to you, it’s all good:)
      Rock and roll.
      Derek Potocki recently posted..Are You A Puppet?My Profile

    • love that comment “you dropped this knowledge like it was just an after thought.”. Dang…I wanted to say that, lol. But seriously though…you did just hit us with the ” totally on point-stick”. I hear you. I know alot of stuff, I don’t actually know. But maybe knowing that you don’t know, is the start of actually knowing that you know, and really knowing. Try saying that with your mouth full, lol. Nice Post Derek
      Stacey Herbert recently posted..Stop Being A Pussy – CatMy Profile

      • Hi Stacey,
        Great, you stopped by.
        I know you understand what I’m talking about because you’ve just had a great series on integrity on your blog. (everybody, click on Stacey to go to her blog and read her recent integrity series, no BS there)
        You are the first person I would ask for advice on traveling, because you walk your talk. You’ve done it baby, many times, so YOU know!
        Happy days in Bali
        Derek Potocki recently posted..Are You A Puppet?My Profile

  2. Derek,
    Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich” was an “expert” because he researched other experts, like Andrew Carnegie who achieved great success in THEIR lives. But he wasn’t rich himself ’til a lot later on. So, he knew what he was talking about. He saw how the process to attain wealth, etc. worked. I guess the key is knowing the principles and then doing your best to apply them, all-the-while making sure you let people know you’re a work in progress. I just care about correct principles being communicated well.
    On a funny note, when my daughter showed me something strange on her hand I said it was nothing. My oldest daughter called me on it, asking how I knew. I didn’t, I told her. But it was so easy to convince them that I knew everything!

    • Hi Betsy,
      Thank you for stopping by. I didn’t know that about N. Hill. Interesting.
      And he wrote one of the most influential wealth books of all times based on the interviews?
      No wonder people can’t get rich following that book (just kidding).
      I understand your point. We have to start somewhere.
      My friend always tells her daughters (after all the explanations fail): “Because I said so”. It works with kids…
      Derek Potocki recently posted..Are You A Puppet?My Profile

  3. C’mon brother, I can save you AND get you 10,000 FB fans………

    You have to take a lot of this advice being offered with a grain of salt. I too will keep an arms length approach. However, all advice can be used in some form or fashion. You might incorporate a piece of it or use it for information later knowing it is total BS.

    Yes, there are many snake oil salesman out there these days; buyer beware.
    Bill Dorman recently posted..4 Random observations via my vlogMy Profile

    • Hi Bill,
      I take 10,000 FB fans:)
      Examples of bad advice:
      Buy a house and you will be rich. (nonsense)
      Quit your job and make income on the internet, while traveling. (sounds nice, but easy?, hell no!)
      Start a passion-based blog and monetize it. (this is one’s not easy either).
      Buyer beware.
      Derek Potocki recently posted..Are You A Puppet?My Profile

  4. Hi Derek,
    I totally agree with what you are saying here. I’ve read all of the books and listened to all of the audio tapes but I had to experiment myself to see if the results would stick.

    When I have a coaching student they always want me to come up with the answer for them. Now, I may give them a few pointers but I want them to come up with their own answers and take the risk.

    If they do what I tell them to do they can blame me instead of being accountable themselves.
    Justin | Mazzastick recently posted..The Watchers Are Watching YouMy Profile

    • Hi Justin,
      Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated.
      You have a great point. Experiment (means take action). Come up with your own answers (creativity). Take risk (test it).
      Heavy metal rock-n-roll!
      Derek Potocki recently posted..Are You A Puppet?My Profile

  5. Hi Derek,
    People who don’t walk their talk have little to teach me. An overweight dietitian, a depressed counselor or a broke financial analyst are a few examples that come to mind. And of course what works for others might not work for me. We have to take responsibility for our lives and figure out (and do) what works for us.
    Riley Harrison recently posted..WHERE IS THE JOY IN WASTING TIME?My Profile

    • Hi Riley,
      Thank you for commenting here. “Walk your talk” seems to be a short version of my post (3 words total). Some say that teaching by example is one of the best forms of teaching.
      And you are right, what works for others might not work for me, due to different values, experience, beliefs etc.
      Great comment. Love it.
      Derek Potocki recently posted..Creating vs beingMy Profile

  6. “Internal crap-ometer” – I like that one Derek!

    You are right, we should all listen to our crap-ometers – they are usually very effective at picking out the BS from the truth.

    I find that doing research across what a number of sources usually sorts out the experts from the “experts”.

    Although, as a consultant, I regularly have to rapidly assess diverse sources of information (ranging from extremely detailed to almost no information at all!), make judgements and make recommendations – often in real-time. So perhaps I have an inbuilt mechanism to deal with sorting out who is a real expert – Crap-ometer 2.0?

    How do other people sort ouit the wheat from the chafe?
    Dean Carlton recently posted..Unleashing the Tiger blog syndicated by Customer ThinkMy Profile

    • Hi Dino,
      Thank you for your awesome comment!
      You’re talking like a pro.
      Slowing down and researching our options should be a must for any intelligent person. Then pulling a trigger without letting ourselves to be paralyzed by analysis.
      Then, of course, we can still make mistakes. The objective is to minimize damage or risk by good, old fashioned thinking. (much different than positive thinking:).
      Derek Potocki recently posted..Guest Post On Goalsblogger But The Author Is DeadMy Profile

  7. You hit the nail on the head there Derek.

    Analysis paralysis can be terminal, so as you say, we also must be prepared to take a risk and go with our gut feeling on something once we have worked out the lie of the land.

    We may make a mistake, but that is part of growth and learning.

    If we are alive to (i.e. prepared to admit to!) our potential for mistakes and are prepared to back-track and try something else – instead of doggedly perservering regardless – then we will continually be working towards achieving our goals – job done!
    Dean Carlton recently posted..People, oiling the machine of your Customer-Centric World (Part 2 of 6)My Profile

    • By the way, It seems I screwed up a thing for my client, so she claims.
      If I did, I don’t have a proof yet, I did it by mistake.
      I can tell you Dino, mistakes in business can be costly.
      What do you do if your client says you screwed up?
      Derek Potocki recently posted..Are You A Puppet?My Profile

  8. That’s the paradox these days, a lot of people sell methods, ebooks, all to get you rich. But are those people actually rich? And if not, why? This is the first thing i think about when i see an ebook. What’s this guy selling, why is he selling it, and why doesn’t he use it himself if it works like advertised?
    Lynn Sanders recently posted..Medical Assistant CertificationMy Profile

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