Life sucks?

Life sucks?

From my experience life can chew you and spit you out like a rotten mango.

Have you heard an expression: Life’s a bitch and then you die? This statement is true for many people that are in trouble.

I believe they are only three instances where life can be a bitch. You can find yourself in extreme physical pain, extreme emotional pain or you avoid taking responsibility for your life.
Extreme physical or emotional pain? You need a doctor.

Not taking responsibility for your life? You need to read this post.

When I say take responsibility, it means: Start creating your thoughts, your words and your actions.




These are the only 3 things we have total control over. We don’t control anything else. We don’t control other people. We don’t control the weather. We don’t control events. We can influence the externals (people, weather, events) by our thoughts, words and actions, but we can’t control them. Neither we should.

Prescription for a sucky life: Trying to be a general manager of the world. Trying to be responsible for the externals.

Stop trying to control the externals and focus on the three things that you actually have 100% control over: your thoughts, your words and your actions.

I call it a Golden Triangle of Responsibility:

From now on start creating your own experience, instead of sitting and waiting for Godot.

Life doesn’t suck. Life is beautiful. Why? Because I chose to think that way. I create a beautiful life experience. I do it by my thoughts, words and actions.

That’s unlimited power. That’s beauty. That’s lifestyle design.

I know that I might have oversimplified this subject. But if we are not in charge, than we are puppets. And if we are puppets we should serve our puppet master.

I’d rather be free.

What are your thoughts? Life sucks? Or… Life is beautiful? Who gets to decide? Please comment below.

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