Notice what works and what doesn’t

I have decided to write a post about noticing things.

One of the most important skills you can ever have is the ability to notice what works and what doesn’t.

I have noticed that we often don’t notice things.

We will repeat the not-working pattern of behavior without noticing that it doesn’t work. We will repeat our habit without questioning. Instead of asking: Does is work?

Often we are so caught up in our own belief system and our own habits (in life & business), that it is almost impossible to notice that the beliefs don’t work and the habits don’t work either.

Well, if we don’t notice things, how can we take a different approach. We can’t, because we are unable to notice things.

We are masters of repetition. Even if what we repeat, doesn’t work. We still repeat. Now. be careful with repetition. Repetition must be necessary to bring about an outcome we are after. But notice, whether it’s the right repetition.

For example I dance argentine tango. Not the easiest dance to learn. If I learn a new move in the wrong way, I might repeat it over and over until it becomes a habit. So I will keep re-inforcing the wrong move forever. Only if I notice that something is wrong, I can re-learn it correctly. But I have to notice first.

So the question is: How do we start noticing things?

One way is by questioning?

For example?

Even if something seems to be working great, ask: Could it be done better?

What’s another way of doing this?

In my current situation, what are my options? What option is the best? Is it really the best option?

Is what I am doing really important to me or I’m just killing time?

We can’t change things if think they work.

Notice what works and what doesn’t. Isn’t that what intelligent people do.

Do you have an ability to notice things and then change them? What can we do to be more aware of what’s going on around us?

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