Success is it’s own skill.

Have you ever wondered why some highly skilled people are very good at what they do, but not very successful?

The answer might be quite simple. They are skilled at their craft, but they are not skilled at success. It is because success is it’s own skill. There is a skill of your craft and the skill of success.

That’s why many talented, hard-working men and women will struggle
in life despite of the fact, that they are great at their profession. They often learned their profession at school or through experience, or both. But they have never learned the principles of success.

They don’t teach at school how to become successful in the marketplace for example.

It took me years to understand this principle. I’ve always considered myself a good physical therapist with solid clinical skills, but I struggled at work for many years. Only now I understand that my “education” was not complete. I was great at my craft but my people skills, for example, were dismal. Or my emotions were running high, because I never new exactly knew how to control myself.

I am better now, not perfect, but much better. And I’m still learning. And I’ve just learned that your professional skills and your success skills are very different animals.

If you want to master success, not just your craft, a great book to start with is The Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsberg.



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