The difference between goals and positive thinking

Goals are outcomes you are going after. Goals provide direction for your actions. Then you have tools to achieve your goals. In order to set and achieve goals you will use tools. But tools are not goals. Tools are are what you use to achieve your goals. Never confuse these two. Most people make a big mistake here. They use tools and try to build their lives.
It’s like somebody hands you a toolbox full of all the necessary tools and tells you: Build it? Build what?-you ask.I don’t know, just build it, he says and he leaves. Then you open your toolbox and look inside. And you find all these fantastic kick-ass tools and start using them. And it feels fairly good because you have something to do now, you can fill your time. And you are better off because you have the tools. Then 10 or 20 years later you realize, that you have not built a single thing or built a lot of useless trinkets that you don’t know what to do with.
Your tools are:
Positive thinking
Motivational quotes
So next time when you read or learn a new technique or follow a new advice ask yourself: Is it a tool? Can I use it to achieve my goals?
Act: Don’t confuse goals and tools. Use tools to achieve your goals.

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