The key to financial freedom

The key to financial freedom is…being better at sales.

There are two crucial elements in doing sales.

1. You’ve got to sell something that people want to
pay money for

2. You’ve got to sell a lot of something that people want to pay money for

Ignore this advice and your financial freedom will always be something you watch in movies or read in books, but it will never apply TO YOU.

If you haven’t sold much in your life, my guess is…you are broke or close to it. Sorry for being harsh here, but if nobody else has told you that then it’s time to grow up and… get better at selling. The sooner you do it the faster you’ll experience your financial freedom.

By the way, I wish somebody told me that when I was a kid, but it didn’t happen. I’ve had to discover it on my own. At least you are lucky. You know the truth.



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    • Hi Orsi,
      It is actually that simple. The times have nothing to do with it. If you travel around the world you will notice that there are great businesses (that sell stuff) EVERYWHERE. And you don’t need “to have a chance”, you simply create your chance.
      Go out there, find a need/problem in the marketplace and create a business around that need/problem, and you too will become financially independent.
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