The missing element in your life

What is the missing element in life of most people?

Failing to create a sense of urgency (SOU). “What the heck is a sense of urgency in the first place”-you might ask? “They don’t teach that at school”. “My friends and my parents have never told me about it”.

Be patient grasshopper. I will explain it all right now.

A sense of urgency is a feeling that you must do something by March 11 2011. The date in this case is just an example, but you get the drift.

There are two kinds of sense of urgency: External and Internal.

The External SOU comes from other people. You feel it all the time. Your boss: “I want this done by Wednesday”. Your wife: “I want this by yesterday:)

Now Internal SOU comes from you. You say to yourself: “I will do it by november 13th 2011”. Then you go and do it.

To me this sense of urgency is what makes me work harder, stay more focused, and learn 10 000 times faster. My experience of life is super-charged. And I live without regrets, most of the time:)

And here is something obvious that you probably know already. Most people will never create their own sense of urgency. Just go and ask them. The just don’t do it.

But you are the lucky one. Because you have found this post.

BTW: You don’t have to create your own sense of urgency. Just let others do it to you. They know better, right?

You can travel the world, visit exotic destinations and dance till the sunrise. You can climb highest mountains, you can run remarkable businesses. You can inspire people. You can write books. You can have the most popular blog on the planet. You can learn new skills. You can do it all and more. You can live the life of your dreams…if you create a sense of urgency.

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As always, Stay focused on your goals. Forget all the uninspiring crap.


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