The only, true way to wealth

After I tell you what is the best, time-tested way to get rich, you will likely say: No shit, Sherlock.

I still have to say it out loud, because we live in the world where there is so much information, that a true, fundamental knowledge gets lost in the noise of unimportant buzz.

Plus, there are people out there that will tell you what it takes to get wealthy.

They will often sugar-coat a simple truth.

This post serves as a reminder of that simple truth.

The only, time tested way to get wealthy is to own a big, profitable business.

I didn’t say: small business. Owning a small business is fine, but it’s not going to make you wealthy. Same with job, it’s fine, but It will never make you wealthy.

Small business is most often just a job replacement.

Having a job=poor and no time for yourself. Owning a small business=poor and no time for yourself. Owning a big, profitable business=wealthy and plenty of time for yourself.

Oki-doki. Now, since we’ve spelled out the fundamentals, at least we know what to do to get wealthy, and more importantly, we know, what not to do.

Cheers :)

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