The Wall

Yes, s#$%^t happens. And it happens all the time. Life ain’t picnic, ya know. You hit the wall sooner or later. You don’t believe me? The more you act, the more you hit the wall. It’s unbelievable. The deals fall apart all the time. Headaches come with crushing force from nowhere.

Unpaid bills never end. And she cheats on you. Bankruptcy is around the corner. And nobody but your mom comments on your frickin’ blog (thank you mom). The dog eats your Godiva chocolate. And it always rains on your day off. Sounds familiar?

Don’t panic.

There is hope. But hope is not where you think it is. Hope doesn’t come to you and hands you a check to pay your bills. Hope doesn’t hand you a new, great deal on a silver platter, garnished with ruby-red cherries.

Hope does not make the dog return Godiva and say I’m sorry in human voice. Hope does not apply for a job for you and hope does not start a business for you. Hope does not stop the rain on weekend neither.

What hope does however is makes you think…

And first thought after you hit the wall could be:

I see you, WALL.

I love how grand and thick you are.

I love the way you smell, WALL.

I love how you loom over me.

I admire your ability to stop me.

You are awesome, WALL.


I’m thinking…

I’m just wondering…

I’m thinking, that you kind of stopped growing.

I’ve noticed, that you don’t change much.

I’ve noticed, that I continue to grow.

I continue to think.

I continue to create.

And here is my cell phone, WALL.

Do you even know what cell phones do?

You can call friends or experts for example.

And here is the Internet, WALL.

Do you know what the Internet is for?

You can find the answer to any question imaginable, within few seconds.


I think you can’t stop me.



Are you still there?

One more idea: Instead of talking down to the wall, embrace it and use it in some creative way. WALL can actually become your friend, if you use her creatively.

Love you WALL. Oops, I’m talking to the wall again:)

I think the words “Talking to the wall” will have an entirely different meaning to you after my post. I hope you enjoyed this and have a burning desire to Tweet it an Share it,  and write a comment on how YOU deal with WALLS.

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19 Comments on The Wall

  1. Intriguing post, Derek!

    I’ve been talking to walls for decades.

    If I ask the dog to get down from the couch, I’m talking to a wall. When I ask my daughters to clean up their room since it looks like a tornado passed through, I’m talking to a wall (well, actually, two walls). Asking my supervisor for a merit raise or a cost-of-living raise since I haven’t gotten one in about fourteen years, provides me with yet another opportunity to talk to a wall.

    Lots of walls to talk to out there, Derek!

    Thanks for a very creative and eclectic post. :)

    • Hey Melanie,
      It’s OK, just because nobody listens doesn’t mean you should stop talking, maybe just get louder. Just kidding.
      Yes, your walls are little different than the one in my post. Your walls come with unique challenges.
      Heck, I guess there are many walls to talk to. Each one of it’s own kind.
      Thank you for stopping Melanie.
      Derek Potocki recently posted..How to REALLY enjoy lifeMy Profile

  2. Hey bro, I think we are in the same tribe via Ms Stacey……..

    I hear ya, it was my mom and aunt replying, but I was happy because they would respond more than once.

    I thought the internet was for porn, but then I found twitter and I don’t have time for that other stuff……….I just with the Viagra ads would quit popping up on my e-mail account. What’s up with that?

    Ok, enough silliness……….hope won’t get it done. Better have a purposeful plan of action.

    Good to see you Derek and I’ll see you around. Nice post too.

    • Hi Bill,
      Thank you for your comment. Yeah, I use Gmail filter- ” Postpone Viagra ads till further notice”. I don’t want to eliminate Viagra emails, I just want to postpone them, I might need it someday:)
      See you around Bill.
      Derek Potocki recently posted..The wallMy Profile

    • Hi Riley,
      Isn’t that what great leaders have always done throughout the ages? They basically use words to transform a meaning of any obstacle into a a challenge and opportunity.
      The Wall symbolizes any obstacle or being stuck. I think, this is actually an useful technique. Talking to any obstacle as if it was a person.
      Let’s say our obstacle is a certain disease. For example cancer. We can therefore talk to our cancer. The key is to talk to our obstacles from the position of power. Or even better, make them our allies, if possible.
      I hope all this makes sense.
      Thank you Riley for your wonderful comment.
      Derek Potocki recently posted..The wallMy Profile

    • Hi Rob,
      Thank You for dropping by.
      I totally agree, the greatest walls (obstacles) we face come often from within.
      Thank you for this important reminder. It is easy to blame “externals”, but the walls are often (or always) under the scull in form of our limiting beliefs.
      Derek Potocki recently posted..The wallMy Profile

  3. Hi Derek
    Came over from Mel Kissell’s site via your comment – the title of your post caught my eye, that and your hat.

    What did Mel say… “a very creative and eclectic post” – got to agree with that, very different.

    Great way of looking at life’s obstacles and getting over them, or round them or through them.

    Enjoyed my visit Derek.
    Keith Davis recently posted..Online Video- Un Art… Une TechniqueMy Profile

        • “Diversification”, my friend, diversification! If you’re not sure what that means, Keith, refer to that walking dictionary you have at home. :)

          I know we’ve been partial to the Genesis folks as of late but we need to be empathetic to the fact that not everyone can have the best. LOL!

          Yeah, ya gotta love that Comment Luv. It allows you to mix it up a bit and bring back a post from the past. Pretty cool.

          Melanie Kissell @SoloMompreneur recently posted..5 Monster Size Marketing MistakesMy Profile

    • Hi Keith,
      Thank you for your comment. Mostly, I get all my comments because of the hat:) Have you heard about a peacock theory?
      Back to post. This is just one way of looking at obstacles. “Talking to obstacles”. I have to patent this technique:)
      Over, round or through: I agree.

    • Hi Martha,
      Thank you for your visit and a warm welcome.
      I love your take on the wall. It is “nothing more than what we say to ourselves”.
      Is it possible that what we say can stuck and unstuck us? I believe so.
      Thanks again for your terrific observation. And contribution;)
      L OV E,

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