Thinking, what is it for?

Thinking is our main tool of survival and creating

What is the future of humanity? Where are we going? Is the world a safe place? What about suffering? Economy? Wars?

Today I’m going to talk a bit about the only thing we, humans have, to deal with all the above. In fact we have only that one tool to deal with the world around us. When people talk about attitude, positive thinking, awareness etc. To me they are all the same. They are just activity we do in our minds to deal with the world around.

The challenge is, that dealing with the world feels reactive to me. Dealing with the world just doesn’t sound good to me. Yes, we have to respond to circumstances. And thinking is a great tool to use, to respond.

But there is another application of thinking: creativity.

I don’t want to live my life endlessly responding to circumstances. I think some call it management by crisis. In fact I’m tired of it. I don’t think that our mind is designed to only respond to things. I think our mind is a tool of creation. Our mind dreams of things. It makes pictures. It makes words. It makes sounds. Smells. It makes feelings.

Can we react less, and create more? Can we make things happen? Sure we can. It all comes down to good ‘ol thinking.

New situations will come in your life. New information will cross your path. New people will become your friends. And some, possibly your enemies. You might be relatively well all your life, or you might get cancer. You might lose all the wealth in a blink of an eye. And you will use your mind to cope. I don’t like to cope with things. I’m not a low, brainless creature that uses gray matter to just cope with things. What a terrible waste of my thinking: Coping with the world. As if the world is there to get me or hurt me.

I create!

To me all the challenges in life are just a starting point. Challenging times are an opportunity to think better, set new directions, new goals and move on. In one simple word: an opportunity to create.

In fact THE ONLY THING, that we can rely on, is our thinking. And thinking is mostly asking questions.

And great questions will always be there for you. So start with great questions. Then, go out there and create your experience. Maker of your own life: how does it sound to you? It sounds incredible to me:).



PS: What can you create in your life? Is thinking a tool of reaction and responding? Or it is there for us, so we can create things? What is our thinking for? Share your comments below.

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  1. You are a philosopher sir, to be sure.

    I create my life through the thinking that I do. My world can easily become the most awesome place on earth, or the most dreadful, all based on my thinking. What is mindset if not a continuous stream of thought, conscious or not.

    Thinking is meant for both creation and response, though with response it’s typically much faster and can be overcome by instinct, which can be much more powerful. Seth Godin calls it the lizard brain.

  2. Thanks Robert. Thinking is a super interesting phenomenon to me. A few years ago I did Vipassana Buddhist meditation retreat, where I basically observed my own thoughts for days. It was an interesting experiment, but I somehow always rebelled against the Buddhist notion that our thoughts need to be accepted and observed. That’s kind of passive way to use our mind.
    Creativity is another ball game.
    I will try to find out more about a lizard brain.

  3. Great post Derek. I am all about creativity. Your blog actually inspired me to focus more on goal setting and grounding myself rather than just having my head in the clouds with fanatical ideas. For me, it’s an inner conflict to find the right balance of being creative AND practical enough to apply creativity to reality. I also think too much sometimes and over analyze every situation which gets in the way of my ability to create. But I say we think to PREact rather than REact. By pre-acting to a situation we will be better equipped to respond when something doesn’t go the way we thought it should. Otherwise…life would just be us reacting to everything without focus or direction. Not a good way to live!

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