We can read all the books in the world

We can read all the how to books in the world, listen to all the expert advice and attend all the seminars. But all this stuff is usually not effective. Why, because we don’t take one step necessary to make things happen. There is a missing link here.

In an era the Internet there is everything we need to know handed to us on a silver platter. So why it is often so hard to create an amazing experience? The answer is, we don’t internalize what we read or hear. We don’t apply it to ourselves.


We ask for a solution, then we don’t do the solution.

It is because every book or an advice is a potential power. It is only a fuel to starts fire. But you and only you have to ignite the fire and maintain it until you get the results you want. That’s why I realize that we don’t need hundreds of books or blog posts. We often need just one book or one advice…and do what they tell you to do.

But most of us won’t do it.

It’s like going half way through the forest and  then stopping and staying in the middle of it forever, never actually getting to the end of it to see a beautiful meadow.

We must internalize what we learn.

We must do what we read about or hear about.

We must do it to close the circle of life. Reading or hearing an advice is only the first step.

Step two is doing.

Most of us never get to that part.

Be the one who does.

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