What I Am Doing At The Moment

OK. Here we go.

I guess I kind of follow Stacey Herbert (from www.MyLifestyleMax.com) and want to update all folks who read Goalsblogger.

I haven’t written any posts for a few weeks, due to DOING some big things, like acquiring an investment property. Those who know anything about real estate investing, are aware that if not done right you can easily lose your shirt doing it, so deals require maximum focus and effort.

Btw, after a careful analysis of my situation I decided to downsize my goal of owning 10-50 units and went with a much smaller property. It’s kind of “shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you’ll still end up among stars” type of deal.

So yes, a downsized goal is still big from a perspective of not doing a deal at all. I hope It make sense.

My thoughts are already on my extended trip to the Philippines, that’s coming really soon, to realize my childhood dream to sail on Pacific around exotic islands.

I wonder where has Stacey gone? He, he, he :)

Anybody knows?

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    • Thank you David,
      We must do what we believe in. Constant slaving for money is not the only way to live one’s life.
      And congrats on your recent bold move. The good thing, that decision will one day be your likely strongest and sweetest memory.
      Derek Potocki recently posted..One Thing I Learned From ElvisMy Profile

  1. Hi Faruk,
    Thank you. Closing today.
    Real estate has been used by some people as a wealth builder from the beginning of humanity. There are only 3 ways: Business, real estate and stocks. IMO: Business is the best. Real estate is the safest. Stocks are like playing a lottery.
    Have a great day:)
    Derek Potocki recently posted..One Thing I Learned From ElvisMy Profile

  2. Hey Derek, congrats on closing the deal!

    Wondered where you had been! Though I’ve been snowed myself and keeping a low profile, had a major corporate event I was sorting + holidays etc.

    I like what you say about the 3 ways – I tend to agree.

    I caveat the business one though – generally speaking to make big $$$’s there, you need to get into something where you (the individual) are not the limiting factor. By which I mean – if you are a salaryman/woman – you can only generate one salary which may be OK comapared to say a national average (USA 2010 = $43,460). You may earn 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x that amount – plus bonuses, but not everyone can do this (experience, time in industry, connections etc).

    For an individual, the real money in business comes from something which has the potential to SCALE – whether that is book sales, e-product sales, sales commission on products/services sold, building an MLM empire, or on something like resourcing solutions. On the latter example, consider this: how does 15%-25% of the first year salary of EVERY person you place in a job sound? What if you place a team of 10? 50 people in a year? 250 people in a year?

    The key thing is, working in business – for the man – is rarely the road to making your fortune. You need to find your niche – or spot a trend early, or, or…… DO SOMETHING!

    On the property one – I am old enough to have experienced gains AND losses on property deals. However, had I been in a position to play a longer game on the properties where I made the losses (i.e. not be forced to sell at the ‘wrong’ time), property would have been VERY safe. Make sure you never have to sell until you are ready!

    Stocks stink whichever way you cut it! Not a game for the faint-hearted! Sold all mine in the 80’s/early 90’s and have never looked back since. And pensions are robbery these days! So property all the way in my opinion!
    Dean Carlton recently posted..Process, the Unsexy Shape of Your Customer-Centric World (Part 3 of 6)My Profile

  3. Ahhhh dude…what a totally nice suprise! Thank you..more than you know :-)
    I’m glad you have decided to use both your heart and head on this one…men without shirts don’t get let into bars…not unless your in Australia that is, lol.xx

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