What to do when you achieve a goal?

What do you do when you achieve one of your goals? Simple answer: You replace it with another goal.

History is full of people who achieved an important big goal only to find out that they are disillusioned with the way it feels to be a winner. These people make a big mistake here believing, that because they achieved their big goal, there is not much else so they become fat and bitter and rest on their laurels and even self-distract through drugs and laziness.

Don’t ever make that mistake. Do not assume that because you have achieved something, the game is over. Not really.

On my recent flight from Europe, I picked up a Delta flight magazine. On front page there was Sting, looking great in his 50ties, with subtitle Mind. Body. Sting. Consider what he said about music, but it can be applied to goal achievement in general:

” What drives me more than anything is curiosity,” he says, ” a sense that you can never really get to the end of music. It’s an eternal journey. You think you know a lot, but the more you find out, the more you realize you don’t know anything. It’s a constant source of curiosity. And wonder.”

The end is just a beginning. That’s a reality.

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