Why I quit social drinking?

I figured that alcohol intake even in small quantities causes loss of focus on achievement of my goals. I think if I can completely eliminate alcohol while I’m on the achievement path I will get to my outcomes faster. It’s a matter of logic to me. So again, I did not quit social drinking for religious or health reasons etc. The criteria here was how can I accelerate my goals achievement. That’s it.
Now, I don’t recommend this approach to everybody. It is possible to achieve your goals with some alcohol intake, but this blog is about extreme goal setting and achieving. Extreme way is the goalsblogger.com’s way.
Act: Consider the impact of alcohol or other drugs on the speed of goals achievement. Logic dictates a sober approach. Do what’s necessary to achieve your goals fast.

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  1. I feel the same about drinking and social drinking. It impedes everything from reaching fitness goals to conecentration, stamina and mental energy. Yet we are conditioned to use alcohol socially as a way to relax. The hardest thing to hear is the ‘you look sober and miserable’ statement. It adds heaps of pressure and creates stress within you. But then it’s not healthy to stay in every social occasion either. It’s a difficult transition to make. Well done.

    • Hi Christina,
      Thank you for your comment. We are often under a pressure to drink. However the consequences can be dire. Logically we limit our greatness when we drink, especially excessively and frequently.
      If someone can stop after one or two glasses of wine that’s great. But if it takes more than that, we start playing games with our full potential, not to mention health and life. We should channel our energy and passions elsewhere. Sober and miserable? The question is why is that? You have some work to do on yourself without the shortcut of alcohol.
      I will still have infrequent drinking nights, but it’s very, very rare these days. Last time I drank on a boat with sailors. Talking about the pressure. I stopped immediately when I got back on land.
      Thanks again for your comment.
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