You don’t need a high traffic website.

You don’t need a breakthrough. You don’t need a great opportunity. You don’t need luck. You don’t need a bestseller. You don’t need a million dollar contract. You don’t need a high traffic website.

You don’t need a “providence move to support your law of attraction”. You don’t need that promotion. You don’t need the effects.

Those things are just events that happen as a result of you doing your thing. Of you enjoying the process. Enjoying the long plateaus with little progress. Enjoying the process of creating your life. Enjoying the causes.

You need causes, not effects.

Yes, you have goals, and that’s fantastic. Your odds to get there are high. Having a goal sets a direction. But the road to that goal consists of often hundreds or thousands  little actions.

Those little actions are the essence. They have nothing to do with a breakthrough. They are kind of like never ending rituals that eventually lead to a goal. But life of a goal-getter consists of those little actions.

What you need is a constant dripping. Not a breakthrough. Waiting and hoping for a breakthrough smells a bit like a mindset of immediate gratification. Working a little, getting a big break.

There is little value in breakthroughs. And there is a lot of value in little actions.



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