Your Thinking Is Outdated

I thought you might want to learn something new and very powerful today. I call it The Irrefutable Law Of Action. You have it black and white above.

This law simply states that if your current thought or belief system does not cause you to act in a desired way, you have to quickly abandon that thought or belief and replace it with the one that will do the job.

Let me guess what you are doing in your mind. You are using  an outdated, Medieval thinking, trying to succeed in today’s world!

Your quest to become an action-oriented person is not working too well, because you are clingy.

Have you seen clingy people? Have you ever touched your tongue to a metal in freezing weather? What happened? Your tongue clang to the metal.

The same way we get stuck with outdated thoughts.

The biggest tragedy of our life is that we don’t test our thoughts.

I will tell you something that will twist your brain like a Texas tornado.


Start testing your thoughts. If your thoughts don’t work, replace them with ones that do. Stop listening to people and ” fake experts”.

More often than not, they just repeat the old, worn out thought patterns that never worked in the first place. Or stopped working because the world has changed.

It amazes me how clingy we can be if it comes to our own thoughts. They are our babies. They’ve been with us through good and bad times. They are so familiar.

A few days ago a very nice  guy I met at a coffee shop told me that he grew up with certain religious beliefs and he still has a hard time trying to live his life as a result of adopting that philosophy. I fully understood him, because I used to be just like that guy. I would have kept certain thoughts as if they were the only truth revealed by the almighty God. They were not.

It took me a while to understand the “test your thoughts principle”.

So here is a challenge of the century.

Analyze and test every fricking thought you have. Every belief. Every assumption, every advice and every piece of your life philosophy. Test my advice as well;)

If you are not living the life of your dreams, then you have a work to do. Start with mental lobotomy.

The ultimate test. Does your thinking cause a necessary action? It doesn’t? Give it a finger. Voilà, bye bye!

Download my free e-book here. It’s about testing. Testing your thinking. And doing, doing stuff that others only dream about. You’ll be happy you did.

I’d love to hear your opinion in comments below.

Yours truly,

Derek Potocki

11 Comments on Your Thinking Is Outdated

  1. this was such an amazing post Derek
    i did this mistake many times where i used to apply the same methods and wonder why i was getting the same results
    i wasted a lot of time that way
    thanks for the post :)

  2. Hi Faruk,
    Thank you for your comment. Yes, changing our approach in thinking and acting is a recurring theme in personal development. To me observing what I do is the best test to see what I really think.
    I hope it makes sense.
    Rock and roll.
    Derek Potocki recently posted..Creating vs beingMy Profile

  3. Derek, this couldn’t have been better timed. I’m actually going through a make or break point with my current job. I think I need to make the break, but it’s tough. I have to list the pros and cons and make a decision. But you’re right- if a thought does not bring about desired actions, then what’s the point?

    I think this sums it up for me…

    still, I need to do a cost benefit analysis. Lets hope I get the courage!

  4. A very important piece of information in your text!
    Important, because it addresses something that actually prevents the development of our true potentials.
    And even more important, because one is generally unaware of the extent to which our thinking is dominated by old, outworn decision-making-patterns and action-taking-patterns.

    • Hi Leonard,
      You’re damn right we are unaware. We want to build new life on old thoughts. That’s crazy. I can pretty much guess what people think by observing what they do.
      What somebody does will always tell you what she thinks about. Not what they say.
      I know what I think not because I observe my thoughts. I know what I think, because I observe what I do. This method is far more reliable.
      Testing is necessary. Curiosity is necessary. Sense of adventure is necessary. Going for unfamiliar is a must.
      Derek Potocki recently posted..If you don’t have perseverance, you are a slave to those who doMy Profile

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